About Myself

My name is Wesley Seay and I am a front-end UI/UX developer with over ten years of experience and currently located in Seattle, Washington. I have experience working on consumer-facing websites and applications utilizing multiple ASP.Net MVC and PHP based content management and e-commerce systems. I have an eye for small details and enjoy learning and working with new technologies.

My stepfather introduced me to the wonderful world of the internet in 1994 and I was hooked. As a child I was always interested in drawing and with access to Corel Paintshop Pro, Notepad and Geocites, I taught myself how to build a website. It was full of trial and errors but I never got discouraged. I knew I found my passion in life and knew that this is what I was destined to do for a career.

In the early 2000's, I joined St. Petersburg College with the goal of acquiring a Computer Science degree. In my time at St. Petersburg College, I learned how to work with Adobe Flash, Color Theory, and Adobe Photoshop. Due to how well I excelled in class, I often spent time mentoring other students with their studies and learned how to translate complicated ideas and explain them in simple, easy to understand terms.

When I am not working on a development project, I am usually enjoying the great outdoors or traveling to one of the many wonderful countries that the world has to offer.

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Career Highlights




Work Experience

Bayshore Solutions

October 2011 – Present
Senior UI/UX Developer

At Bayshore Solutions I have defined and evolved the roll of UI/UX Developer making it possible for the company to move HTML integration in-house, cutting overhead costs with third party companies, and allowing for a more united environment between the designers and developers. Using Visual Studio and Adobe Photoshop I have created multiple award winning websites, paved the road toward responsive design, improved project efficiencies, and take pleasure in being the first in the company to have knowledge in a range of content management systems allowing Bayshore Solutions to expanded to more than five platforms, including two in e-commerce. I am often looked to by management for out of the box critical thinking to assist and resolve issues other team members may have.

LightPort, Inc.

February 2007 - October 2011
Implementation Specialist

During my duration at LightPort, I collaborated with clients to translate ideas and concepts into web site designs using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I assisted in resolving site issues and updated client content and documents. Additionally, I took initiative to improve LightPort’s proprietary content management system to allow for tableless and frameless web site designs. These changes improved how we could design websites making LightPort more competitive and increased the efficiency of the site build process, condensing site build time from three weeks to three days. I also teamed up with the .NET developers to rebuild and update LightPort’s dynamic financial reports to allow for custom styling and modification of report layouts.

Premier Mortgage Funding, LLC.

November 2005 – October 2006
Jr. Web Graphic Designer

As a Jr. Graphic Designer at Premier Mortgage Funding, I worked with management to design and create multiple web sites for all of the branch office locations using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I took the opportunity to learn Visual Studio while converting the main company web site from static HTML to ASP.Net to allow for easier site management using master page templates and navigation controls. I assisted with creating logos, brochures, tradeshow booth banners and business cards using Adobe Illustrator.

Experience and Knowledge






Visual Studio


Team Foundation Server / Git

Wordpress CMS

Kentico CMS

Telerik Sitefinity CMS


Ian Dyer

Senior Director - Digital and Online Development at Bright House Networks

I had the privilege of managing Wes at Bayshore Solutions. Working with Wes I found him as a person with great proficiency in Front-End web develop and deep skills of as they relate to UI/UX, content management and all things mobile. A team player, creative and technical, with a wry sense of humor – Wes is someone I highly recommend!

Tricia Bramley-Williams

Web and Digital Project Manager at ASR Group

I just don't know how I can put how truly amazing Wes is, both as a professional and a colleague. An entire company of web professionals looks to him for guidance, assistance and input, as he has such a unique skill set, there's only one of him.

As a project manager, my day was full of stress. Wes was one of the people I never had to worry about. In fact, he routinely surprised me with his skill and proficiency. Several times he went above and beyond what I had asked of him, implementing a new technology or improving the user experience. And it wasn't just me that he regularly impressed, upper management was always blown away by his abilities.

TTa Cruver

Senior Digital Project Manager

Wes is what we call a 'devigner' in the website world, which translates into an expert in design and development. Not only can Wes design a gorgeous home page but he can quickly cut it to HTML and seamlessly integrate the cut into a content management system. Wes is a true professional, who not only is a skilled devigner but a true pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him and would always want him on my team.

Greg Smith

Creative Senior Account Manager at PwC

I've had the pleasure of knowing Wes for almost a year and can say unequivocaly that he is one of the most dedicated individuals with whom I have worked. He joined our organization at a difficult time, when we were drowning in work and in need of someone who could step in and help dig us out. Not only did Wes step up and help get us back on track, but he did so with a smile on his face and without ever letting the level of quality slip. Wes brings with him a unique (and highly valued) blend of both design and development skills and is truly a top-notch employee as well as an all around great guy. Highly recommend!

Richard Davis, CSSLP

Managing Director at ProtectionIS

Wesley is a brilliant designer and has consistently demonstrated strong verbal communication skills. When dealing with customers, his attention to detail and ability to understand client needs make him an excellent addition to any success oriented company. I would love the opportunity to work with Wesley again in the future.

Brett Montgomery

System Administrator at Lincare Holdings, Inc

I worked with Wesley Seay for the past five years, while we both worked at Lightport Inc. I strongly recommend him for employment.

While his technical skills are his primary role, Wesley has also shown a great talent for graphic design and for advising clients on their site design. He became a single point of contact for some of our clients, as well as trouble shooting site issues for all of our clients.

Wesley is also fun to be around. When deadlines were pressing, tension can build. However, Wesley always knew how to add levity to the situation, cracking jokes to relieve stress and to keep the team on track.

With his take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Wesley would be an asset to any organization.

Alex J. Sobtzak

Project Manager for SynergyTrak at Synergy Health PLC

Wes is a solution-oriented developer/designer. It is not often that you find someone who can deliver consistently that is also creative at finding solutions to design and/or technical roadblocks.

Cassandra Flaws

Head of Professional Services- Tampa at InvestCloud, Inc.

Wesley works with enviable efficiency. There was never a missed deadline or sloppy delivery when we worked together. He is able to think outside the box to come up with new solutions without cutting corners, and while still maintaining budget. I often wish I had 10 more like him on my team.

A. J. DeLisle, PMP, CSM

Project Manager at Fortna

Wesley is an incredibly knowledgeable web developer and graphic designer. His attention to detail, problem solving skills, and exceptional time management lead to hundreds of high-quality, on-time project completions during my tenure at LightPort.